Baltex tow hitches and sills


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Tow hitch (tow bar) is a critical auxiliary equipment for car operation as a tractive vehicle. In addition to the direct functional purpose tow bar can completely prevent the damage of the car surfaces (such as bumper) in insignificant accidents and protect the body from the geometric deformations.

All the existing types of tow bars (tow hitches) can be divided into the following groups:

  • tow bars with easily removable hook for horizontal or vertical mounting;
  • tow bars with a rigidly mounted hook (fixed with bolts);

Nowadays our company can offer tow hitches for the entire range of cars of national and foreign manufacturers.

Products for the vehicle lines of 2000 YOM are available from stock. You can also order hitch mechanisms for the models of earlier YOM.

When selecting an appropriate tow bar (tow hitch) be aware that a car is a vehicle of higher risk, a trailer even more so. Therefore, in order to avoid danger on the road it is necessary to buy only high quality products.

Our company provides products of a well-known manufacturer Baltex (Russia).
Almost all hitch mechanisms are installed in standard places of your car avoiding its body drilling.

Additional information about the product can be provided:

  • by sales department (812) 335-05-25