Sheriff Engine Undercovers

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Engine undercover is designed subject to the individual characteristics of the vehicle. Its construction depends on body type, engine capacity, gearbox type, components and other parameters.

The product range of Sheriff™ is mainly represented by the stamped undercovers and comprises more than 2500 models made of aluminum and steel.

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Sheriff – perfect characteristics!

9 reasons to install “Sheriff” engine undercover

Crush protection
"Sheriff" engine undercover will reliably protect the engine section of your car from damage when driving over sharp or hard objects.

Protection from dust, moist and dirt
"Sheriff" engine undercover is designed to protect the engine section from moist and dirt, and includes steel wings serving as dust boot.

Protection from overheating
"Sheriff" engine undercover provides for engine purge vents thus ensuring thermal stability.

Protection from corrosion
The special technique of powder coating has high damage resistance and prevents corrosion.

Protection from noise
Rubber springs are provided at connection points with the engine undercover, minimizing noise and vibration while driving.

Easy service
"Sheriff" engine undercover provides for oil drain and filter replacement holes, thus decreasing the car maintenance cost.

"Sheriff" engine undercover distributes the air flow making the vehicle more streamlined and enhancing road adherence.

Secure fixtures
"Sheriff" engine undercover is designed subject to individual construction features of the car, the mounting is performed only on the standard holes using high quality fittings.

Extra strength
"Sheriff" engine undercover is manufactured using the stamping technique thus improving its technical characteristics and structural strength

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